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12 Fun Water And Sand Play Activities To Try In The Backyard

As parents we are often on the hunt for activities that are fun for our kids and which contribute to our children's development. Well we've got some good news! You can turn your garden in to a space where nature provides joy and the perfect learning environment!

We've put together 12 simple, fun and educational water and sand play activities you can try in your backyard.From easy, everyday play ideas to engaging setups like sand and water play activity tables, you'll find a variety of ways to make playtime fun, sensory-rich and deeply engaging.

These activities are especially beneficial for younger kids, nurturing their growth in a playful environment.

water run

Water Play Activities

  • Splash with Buckets and Containers: Who knew that everyday items could bring so much joy? Dig around at the back of your cupboards and bring out old containers, kitchen utensils, pots and pans for for a fun-filled water play session. This activity not only entertains but also sparks creativity and imaginative play. They can fill, pour, and splash, creating their own little water world.

  • Water Balloon Fun: There's something irresistibly fun about water balloons. Organise a family-friendly water balloon toss or a gentle ‘war’ in your backyard. It’s a fantastic way to cool off on hot days while improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Just remember to keep it safe and fun!

  • DIY Water Sprinkler: Create your own sprinkler system with just a water hose and a few household items. It's a great DIY project that ends with a refreshing reward. Set it up, turn on the water, and watch your garden transform into a mini water park. This activity is not only fun but also offers a lesson in resourcefulness. Remember to stay safe around water

  • Inflatable Water Parks and Castles: Dive headfirst into a world of fun and adventure right in your own backyard. These fantastic inflatable structures are not just playthings; they’re gateways to boundless entertainment and cherished memories waiting to be made.

  • Slippery Slides of Fun: For those ready to take backyard water fun to the next level, inflatable water slides are a thrilling option. These slides provide hours of entertainment while helping kids develop balance and coordination. Safety is paramount, so ensure to follow all guidelines and supervise playtime.

  • Super Soaker Showdown: Organise a backyard water gun battle for an exhilarating and cooling experience. It's an excellent way for kids to engage in active play while honing their strategic thinking and teamwork skills. Remember, the focus is on fun and safety, so set clear rules and boundaries. It’s a great way to introduce the benefits of physical activity in outdoor play. 

sandpit with toddler

Sand Play Activities

  • Castle Creations:There's no limit to imagination when it comes to building sandcastles. Encourage your children to design and build their dream castles using sand, water, and various moulds. This activity enhances creativity and planning skills, and who knows, you might have a budding architect in your midst!

  • Treasure Hunt in Sand:Bury small toys or items in the sandpit and set your kids on a treasure hunt. It’s a delightful way to engage their senses and develop problem-solving skills. Plus, the excitement of finding hidden treasures never gets old. 

  • Sandy Artistry: Encourage your kids to express their creativity through sand art and crafts. Using coloured sand, they can create beautiful art pieces or engage in craft activities that enhance their artistic skills. 

The Best Of Both Worlds: Merging Water And Sand Play

  • Muddy Puddles for Creative Play: Mix water and sand to create the perfect consistency for muddy puddle play. It's not just about getting messy; it's about sensory exploration and creative expression. Kids can make mud pies, build small structures, or simply enjoy the sensation of mud between their fingers. This kind of sensory play is crucial for young children, aiding in their tactile development and understanding of textures.

  • Streams and Rivers in the Sand: Encourage your children to become little landscape architects by constructing water channels in the sand. Using small shovels, sticks, or their hands, kids can create intricate river systems, learning about water flow and basic principles of physicsin the process. It's an engaging way to teach them about nature's water cycle too.

  • Sand and Water Play Tables: These tables are a fantastic addition to any backyard, offering endless hours of imaginative play. They are particularly beneficial for sensory play, aiding in the development of fine motor skills and cognitive abilities in younger children. The tables come in various designs, some even combining sand and water areas for more varied play. You can view all our sand and water play toy

Wrapping Up

We hope that you've found this article a useful introduction in to the world of sand and water play and you have some ideas you can use at home. 

If you are keen to bring these fun-filled activities to your own backyard, dive into our extensive collection at The Best Backyard and discover everything you need to create your perfect outdoor play area. From simple sand toys to elaborate play tables, we have it all. Let’s turn your backyard into an endless adventure for your little ones!

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