Why Kids Should Play Outside Even When It’s Cold (and 6 simple ideas to entice kids outdoors!)
If you’re a parent, you can probably relate to the struggle of getting your children to spend time playing outside (like you did when you were growing up). We live in an age where it seems we can’t convince our...
9 Ways To Create An Inviting Backyard The Family Will Enjoy This Winter
Discover the top nine ways that you can create an inviting backyard your friends and family can enjoy this winter: Create a warm, cosy, organised and fun garden with an outdoor fire pit, a gazebo, outdoor play equipment, storage boxes and more. Learn how to create a backyard adults and kids will enjoy using this winter (even if its cold & wet!)
7 Reasons Why Every Aussie Backyard Should Have A Fire Pit
Outdoor fire pits make such a great addition to your patio or garden spaces and are easy and affordable to purchase online or make yourself. Fire pits are about more than just keeping warm in the winter. Discover our top seven reasons why we think getting a fire pit such be at the top of your to-do list this winter! 
5 Helpful Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance Tips
In Australia’s dynamic and diverse climate, maintaining your outdoor plumbing systems at home is essential. No matter where you’re located, properly caring for your outdoor pipes, taps and gutters helps to prevent expensive repairs and maintain continued water usage efficiency....
How to Choose the Perfect Cubby House for Your Backyard
A simple cubby house will can transform your backyard in to a place of adventure, imagination and excitement for your kids. It's amazing how much joy can be experienced, creativity unlocked and laughs shared with a playset, play centre or...
12 Fun Water And Sand Play Activities To Try In The Backyard

We've put together 12 simple, fun and educational water and sand play activities you can try in your backyard. From easy, everyday play ideas to engaging setups like sand and water play activity tables, you'll find a variety of ways to make playtime fun, sensory-rich and deeply engaging. These activities are especially beneficial for younger kids, nurturing their growth in a playful environment.

The (Many) Benefits of Outdoor Time for Kids - Guest Author

We are excited to share this article by experienced educator Shirley Serban about the (many) benefits of spending time outdoors. Shirley has extensive experience in various education roles, as well as a deep passion for nature! 

Outdoor Furniture & Décor: How to Create Your Own Patio or Poolside Paradise
We'll help you transform your patio and/or pool area in to an outdoor oasis you and your family can enjoy all year round. In this article we'll share some simple tips, styling advice and product recommendations so you can take your backyard to the next level! 
10 Tips To Choose The Perfect Outdoor Playset Or Playground for Your Backyard
We want to help you turn your backyard in to an adventure land for the whole family! Picture this: Your children's laughter filling the air as they embark on endless adventures, right in your own backyard. The importance of outdoor...
Shop the Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for the Kids Covered
We started The Best Backyard for people like us, who love the comfort and nurturing spirit of your very own outdoor space and enjoy spending time with family and friends. We have curated a range of stylish and affordable items...
Dive Into a Massive Backyard DIY Transformation
We have all thought at some stage, 'Wouldn't it be nice to have a pool in the backyard', especially on those crazy hot days when you stick to the seat and work up a sweat going to the fridge. But...
Best Outdoor Heating Ideas for Your Backyard
Adding outdoor heating to your backyard can extend your enjoyment of outdoor living by several months each year, so it's definitely a worthwhile investment. There's nothing quite like being toasty warm outside when the weather cools down. So here's our...
Outdoor Play Gifts for Big Kids
Outdoor play is so critical for all kids and especially for big kids who need more activity and are discovering who they are. Our gift guide is packed with items that allow kids to unplug and make memories. At this...
Outdoor Play Gift Guide for Toddlers & Preschoolers
Toddlers & Preschoolers are beginning to explore the world around them and often the first natural environment they experience is their backyard.  We have partnered with long-time kid specialists to curate a collection of outdoor play that allows little ones to...
Top 6 Picks for Outdoor Play at The Best Backyard
These are our customer's top 6 picks to keep little ones active and happy outside. Countdown to number one & see who makes it to the top of the list!  Number 6: Turtle Totter Balance BeamBest for Pre-Schoolers Number 5:...
7 Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2021

If 2020 was the year for grow-your-own veggies and installing backyard chooks maybe 2021 should be the time to look at revamping our outdoor living spaces as a happy place to share and enjoy the fruits of our labours with family and friends. 

Learn How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Healthy in the Backyard!
When you create a wonderful haven for family and friends in the backyard, don't forget about the four-legged furballs in your life. Sometimes, the backyard can prove dangerous for our pets, discover the risks to look out for and learn how to keep your pets safe and healthy in the backyard.