Giving Back

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The Best Backyard is proud to partner with Australian organisation i=Change, to enable us to play our part in creating a world in which all children, no matter where they were born or what circumstance they were born in to, have a chance to experience joy, safety and good health.

Shop for Change - How We Give Back

Child HelpWe are proud to announce that we now make a small donation (currently $1 per sale) after every sale to one of three life-changing organisations who are doing incredible work to support children who need it in Australia and around the world. 

It doesn't cost you anything and you get to choose which project we donate to!

After you've made a purchase you'll be asked to pick which project resonates with you, or you can let us choose for you. There's complete transparency and you'll be able to track your donation on our live giving page. It doesn't matter if you purchase an inflatable water slide, large outdoor playground or a small sandpit your order will make a difference. 

We firmly believe every child deserves the right to be safe, healthy and happy. Unfortunately right now there are so many children in Australia and in many developing countries around the world, who need our help. We hope you'll join us as we try to play a small part in creating a world where every child can thrive. 

Coming Soon - More Ways to Make a Bigger Impact Together!

In 2024 you'll be able to help us make an even bigger impact as we'll be giving you the opportunity to round-up your order total or choose to make your own donation, in addition to the donation we already make. Lets work together to change lives! 

Projects We Currently Support

Bring Joy to Sick Kids in Partnership with the Starlight Foundation

Being in hospital isn't fun for anyone, espesically a child. Espesically children with illness which mean they often spend a lot of their lives in hospital wards. The Starlight Foundation aims to put a smile on sick kids faces and forget about their illness for a while.

With movies, games, performances and more Starlight Foundation create a brighter world for sick children and their families. 

End Avoidable Blindness in Partnership with the Fred Hollows Foundation

For most people blindness can be treated or prevented, yet many people throughout the world are not able access or afford the eye care they need. The Fred Hollows Foundation has been doing life-changing work in the development world for over 30 years. Your donation helps to keep this incredible work going for generations to come. 

Support Children in Emergencies in Partnership with Save the Children

Save the Children is helping to support children in dangerous situations throughout the world. They provide emergency support, humanitarian aid, food, water, learning centres and mental health support. Save the Children is ready to provide further assistance in Gaza as soon as they are able to, and your donation will help them be able to get on the ground faster and reach more children.