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A little bit about us…

The Best Backyard team is located in Sydney and like most people in Australia we have spent a ton of time during our lives eating, laughing, drinking, climbing, cricketing, swimming, chilling and sleeping in our backyards. We started The Best Backyard for people like us, who love the comfort and nurturing spirit of your very own outdoor space.

Today ‘backyards’ comes in all shapes and sizes – from rooftop gardens, small courtyards, large blocks of land, balcony hideaways and the urban backyard in many big cities. We are here to help everyone spend more time outside!

We have curated a range of stylish and affordable items for entertaining, play, pets and gardening. So whether you are looking for an inflatable water slide, a new wooden cubby house or some stylish sun loungers to put by the pool we've got you covered!

Check out our blog to discover the newest products, backyard makeovers and special hints and tips to help you create a backyard the whole family will love!

We know that buying stuff and getting it delivered should be easy and we are here to make that happen. Of course, occasionally there are hiccups but we look to find the best solution for you and our customer service team are always able to assist.

Wooden Swings and climbing frame for backyard garden with belt swing, slide and climbing for kids in toddler and primary school age

A little bit about you…

Its not secret that we love our backyards and outdoor spaces, they are our special havens where we can retreat and feel content. Where we come together to celebrate and have fun, and where we go to be alone and relax. The Best Backyard community is a place for everyone and if you see yourself below, we are sure you will enjoy spending time with us!

  • You love a backyard project - adding a little bit of new glow, a makeover, or a bit of DIY gets the juices flowing

  • You love your kids being outdoors – kids disconnect, explore, use their imagination in your outdoor space

  • You see the zombie apocalypse is in town and your first thought is, Arghhh, I just re-seeded the lawn!

  • You have a furry friend that roams your backyard kingdom, maybe digging, maybe catching some rays, or maybe running in circles. Either way, they own the backyard (or think they own it)

  • You think your backyard is the best room in the house, and we agree!

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