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7 Reasons Why Every Aussie Backyard Should Have A Fire Pit

The title of this blog post might be a little misleading, not every backyard in Australia is suitable for a fire pit for space / safety reasons but the vast majority are. If you haven't got one in your backyard you are about to discover why outdoor fire pits make such a great addition to your outdoor space (& if you do have a fire pit already you can see if you agree with our 7 reasons and let us know if there's anything we've missed out! 

Enjoy the Longer Nights and Create Family Memories this Winter

As we move in to the shorter days of Autumn and Winter in Australia, and the nights start to get longer and the air gets cooler, it's the perfect time of the year to use a fire pit to stay warm and enjoy your time outdoors.

Don't hide away inside during the winter, light a fire and create magical memories for your family and friends in your backyard. Fire pits are not just about keeping warm in the winter, read-on to discover our top seven reasons why we think getting a fire pit such be at the top of your to-do list!

1: You Can Enjoy Your Fire Pit All Year Long 

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The beauty of outdoor fire pits is that they are not seasonal. Instead, they provide warmth and cosiness all year long. They’re equally as warm, inviting, and pleasant during the summer months as they are during the winter. 

That said we tend to use our fire pit more in the winter as the nights are longer and its a great way to entice all the family outside when its a bit cooler and everyone seems to want to curl up in front of the TV! In the summer the kids are all out playing on their climbing frames or using their waterslides until they go to bed!

2: They Are Great For Bringing People Together

Fire pits often serve as the focal point for backyards, and as a result, yours can be the central location where you can socialise with people who you invite to your home. 

During the summer months you can host fun BBQs where people cook their burgers or hot dogs over the open flames and then eat around the fire. During the winter months, you can cook marshmallow or tell funny stories with other people while you gather around the fire as well. Fire draws people in and is magnetic. 

Let’s put it this way, your fire pit will almost always be the primary point in your backyard for bringing people together for gatherings. You can host big bonfires at night or smaller fires for cooking alike. Speaking of cooking…

3: You Can Cook Outside

An open fire provides us with arguably the most primitive and yet one of the most effective ways to cook food. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you can’t have barbecues in your backyard during the colder months. 

A fire pit serves as the perfect way to cook food outdoors. You can grill or cook anything from chicken to pork chops to steaks to seafood to vegetarian meals. 

Furthermore, once you strike a match and build your fire with wood, you don’t need propane like you do for your indoor stovetop. It’s fundamentally a cheaper (and more fun) way to cook food and prepare your meals. 

4: You Can Teach Your Kids Important Skills

The ability to build and maintain a fire is one of the most important life skills to learn and to teach. Having a fire pit provides you with the perfect opportunity to teach your children (and the children of your friends and family) how to safely get a fire going and to provide them with ongoing practice. 

You can teach your kids different techniques for getting a fire started, such as with a magnesium flint striker or the fire bow method, as well as different options for tinder and kindling (such as old newspapers, or cotton balls soaked in Vaseline or hand sanitizer). In the process, you might learn a thing or two yourself. 

Safety is obviously important and some activities require certain levels of awareness and coordination but from an early age I've let my kids light the fire with matches, create smoking sticks they can use to write their names in the night sky, and cook food using fire. They know to respect fire and are aware of its power. 

5: It’s Great Entertainment 

There’s an old saying that a fire is like nature’s version of TV. Have you ever reclined back in a camping chair while looking into a fire and slowly becoming entranced by the dancing flames? If you ever do, you’ll see why. 

This is why a fire pit always adds an element of entertainment to your backyard. That’s also not to mention the variety of fun things you can do around a fire pit, such as telling ghost stories, roasting marshmallows, or playing games like charades or flashlight tag. 

6: It Adds Value To Your Home

A fire pit could be a great investment if you plan on selling your home in the future. That’s because homes with fire pits are often highly valued by home buyers because they improve the appeal and desirability of the outdoor area of the home. 

7: It Creates A Relaxing Outdoor Ambience 

Fire pits will add a truly unique outdoor ambience to your home that can’t be replicated by anything else. Simply sitting next to a fire and listening to the flames crackle and dance can help you to relax and reduce stress. Sometimes just taking an hour or two to chill next to a fire pit while enjoying your favourite beer (or cuppa) or meal can be the perfect way to unwind after a busy week. 


Fire pits are equally as functional as they are relaxing. They offer a versatile addition to your backyard and will always enhance your outdoor space. By installing a fire pit in your backyard, you’ll increase your home’s value while also creating the ideal offering for gatherings with friends and the perfect ambiance for when you want to be alone and enjoy peaceful tranquillity.

At The Best Backyard we have wide range of outdoor fire pits available, in a variety of shapes and sizes, which will instantly elevate your backyard or if you a little bit handy you could choose to build one yourself that reflects your personal tastes and backyard style.

Our fire pits include popular portable firepits from Australian brand Grillz, as well as rustic metal fire pits which add a touch of class to any backyard. View our full range at https://www.thebestbackyard.com.au/collections/outdoor-fire-pits

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