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9 Ways To Create An Inviting Backyard The Family Will Enjoy This Winter

Are you looking forward to spending time outside and enjoying the sunshine this summer? Except it’s not summer…it’s winter!

That means you might be thinking that you have a few months to wait until you can get outside and enjoy your backyard again.

But what if I told you that you could enjoy your backyard or outdoor patio just as much during the winter as you can during the spring or summer, and the only thing you’ll have to do is to make a few basic additions or modifications to make it more cosy and inviting?

Here are the top nine ways that you can create an inviting backyard your friends and family can enjoy this winter:

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1: Stay Warm with Outdoor Heating

The whole reason you’re probably not spending very much time outside right now is because it’s a bit too chilly. That’s why the first thing you should do is heat up your backyard space with outdoor heating solutions such as a patio heater.

Electric patio heaters in particular don’t take up much space and can be either mounted on the walls of your home or on stands at strategic locations around your patio.

2: Install, Make or Buy a Fire Pit

If you haven’t added a fire pit to your backyard yet, you need to do so!

Besides adding warmth to your backyard so you can enjoy it during the winter, a firepit can also serve as the central gathering point outside for friend and family events where you can roast s’mores, barbecue food, or just enjoy fun conversations while you watch the flames dance.

In my opinion, a fire pit is the number one thing you can add to improve any outdoor backyard. It’s fun, practical, and will likely improve your home’s value as well.

3: Add Gazebos or Pergolas To Create A Covered Area

dinner under pergola at night

Adding a gazebo or a pergola can offer basic shelter to your family by protecting you from the rain, sleet, or even snow during the winter. Then when summer time comes along, they can offer you shade from the hot sun.

The main difference between the two is in the roof: gazebos have a full roof while a pergola has a roof consisting of beams placed next to each other to allow sunlight to filter through. During the winter, however, you can add a tarp or a temporary roof over these beams to shield yourself from snow and rain.

4: Block the Wind with a Windshield

Another ‘enemy’ that you are likely to face during the winter, besides rain or snow, is the wind. This is why you can create further protection to your backyard by adding a windshield that blocks the wind.

My suggestion is to go with a retractable privacy screen of some sort that can double as its intended purpose and as a windshield. A simple polyester screen with an aluminium frame should be waterproof and UV-resistant enough to provide you with many years of good service.

5: Install Outdoor Lighting For Shorter Days

All it takes is a little lighting to completely transform the comfort and the ambiance of your backyard from dreary to magical. You have a multitude of options here as well, including solar lamps, lanterns, or string lights that you can wrap around trees or your gazebo/pergolas.

6: Set Up Weatherproof Outdoor Furniture

In addition to heat and lighting, adding comfortable outdoor furniture is the number one factor that will incentivise you to spend more time relaxing outside and entertaining friends.

I would invest in a variety of comfortable weatherproof furniture pieces such as armchairs and a sofa made out of mould-resistant and rust proof materials. Your furniture can be kept protected from the elements with the gazebo or pergola.

7: Make It Cosy

Now that you have your warmth, gazebo/pergolas, lighting, and furniture added, it’s time to make everything cosy!

I would add rugs over the floor, comfortable pillows and cushions on the furniture, and warm throw blankets so you can snuggle up on a chair or sofa next to your fire pit.

8: Set Up Fun Kids Outdoor Play Equipment

This will encourage your children and your friends to enjoy the backyard even during the cooler months (so they don’t spend all day in the house watching TV or playing video games). Only you know your kids so only you know what kinds of toys and equipment they would like, but think of ideas that they will enjoy over the long term rather than just once or twice. 

Top favourites include playsets, cubby houses, climbing domes and more! 

9: Add An Inflatable Hot Tub

One of my favourite ways to spend a relaxing night outside is to chill in the hot tub with a nice drink. With the chilly winter air outside it creates a wonderful contrast to soothe your mind and unwind.

If adding a hot tub to your backyard is out of your budget, go with an inflatable hot tub instead. They are easy to assemble, heat up quickly, and some even come with jets like real hot tubs do.


And there you have it! As you can see, just because it’s winter time is no excuse to not spend time outside enjoying your backyard.

Hopefully now you’re inspired to take action to transform your backyard so you can enjoy many warm, cosy, and enjoyable days and nights in your backyard this winter.

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