Backyard Discovery Mud Kitchen

Top 6 Picks for Outdoor Play at The Best Backyard

These are our customer's top 6 picks to keep little ones active and happy outside. Countdown to number one & see who makes it to the top of the list! 

Number 6: Turtle Totter Balance Beam
Best for Pre-Schoolers

Number 5: Modern Outdoor Cubby
Best for imaginative play! 

Number 4: Plum Climbing Pyramid
Best for adventurous kids! 

Number 3: Plum Play Mud Kitchen
Best for kids who love to get muddy! 

Number Two: Plum Play Woodland Treehouse
Best for kids (& adults) who want to get back to nature!

Number One: Ainsley Playset
Best for families with more than one child

There you have it the top 6 recommendations from our customers in 2021 for backyard play equipment. If you have any suggestions or recommendations you'd like to share and include in our next list we'd love to hear from you.

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